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Development on Markham Will Be Presented to HRA

posted Nov 19, 2014, 1:29 PM by Rob King
Homail, Inc has filed a planned development  zoning request Z-8997 with the City for 5514-5520 West Markham.  The request is for authority to build a Popeye's restaurant at around Markham and Taylor Streets.  The building that is presently there is an old psychiatric clinic that is empty.  

Technically speaking, this property is not within the Hillcrest Design Overlay and the HRA Board typically does not make recommendations on properties outside of Hillcrest.  However, it is adjacent to the South boundary of "A" Street and some Hillcrest residents may have questions or concerns.

The developer has asked to be put on the Agenda for the December meeting of the HRA Board.  If any Hillcrest resident wishes to speak about this proposal at  the meeting please contact me by posting here or by email at  

Please note that due to a scheduling conflict with Holy Souls the December meeting will be at December 8, in Room C-236 at Pulaski Heights United Methodist Church at 6:00 pm.