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HRA Board Minutes June 9, 2014

posted Jul 7, 2014, 12:15 PM by Rob King

HRA MINUTES JUNE 9, 2014 Karen Konarski-Hart

ATTENDING: John Coulter, Michael Keddie, Tara Protiva-Brown, Chuck Hitt, Andrew Landrum, Rob King, Paul Bowen, Karen Konarski-Hart, Eric McDaniel, Jason Campbell , Leslie Purdy-Hoyt

Minutes: Rob moved, Tara 2nd for approval of May minutes unanimous aye

Presentation and discussion regarding a variance for the construction of 31 parking spaces to accommodate needs of a planned EJs restaurant at Hillcrest and Kavanaugh. These would be below street level behind 3604 Kavanaugh.

Presentation against by resident Gina Dougherty due to concerns about anticipated increased parking down L Street. She supplied copies of plans and also expressed concern about public safety, noise and increased traffic.

Speaking for the proposal was Chris Travis, attorney for Pear Tree (owner of the property). They own all the land on that block except for So’s and the Independent. Because the restaurant site is separated from the proposed parking by a strip of property, the parking is considered off-site so needs a variance. There are no zoning issues for use involved.

Andrew moved, Rob 2nd to support the variance. 2 abstentions, all others aye

Presentation and discussion regarding a variance to expand the Montessori Day Care at Pulaski Heights Presbyterian Church to establish a Grade 1-6 elementary school for a maximum of 20 students.

The HRA Board had voted to oppose this at the last meeting due to lack of information. PHPC requests a reconsideration and is appearing to answer any questions based on information they have provided.

Rev Ruskin Falls and Jane Anne Spikes spoke for the proposal and addressed questions from the Board.

Some Board members expressed concern about the potential for expansion of the school once established, putting it into competition with local public schools.

Michael moved, Rob 2nd in support of application. Vote was 2 yea, 2 abstentions, all others nay. The Motion fails, Board’s opposition to application is continued.

TREASURER’S REPORT: Jason states balance is $13127.10

NEWSLETTER: Paul says it has been well received. We will begin planning Holiday issue during the summer

CRIME: Chuck reports a prepaid credit card scam and also reminds residents to mark belongings with a UV pen

SCHOOLS: almost out!

PARKS/MUTT MITTS: Michael reports that a bronze Historic Hillcrest sign has literally surfaced in a yard at Lee and Van Buren. Concern was voiced that placing it on a pole might invite theft. We may consider an inexpensive sign for a post and have this "unearthed" sign securely mounted on a building. The Parks Committee will investigate potential placement.

MEMBERSHIP: Andrew discussed continued consideration of Constant Contact

ICE CREAM SOCIAL: First Thursday in July July 3 at The Crest Park set up about 5:15 pm , ICS starts at 6 and ends at about 7:15. Eric and Leslie will set up a table for t-shirt sales and membership recruitment.

Kathy Webb introduced herself. She is running for LR City Board of Directors for Ward 3. She has served as our past state Representative as well as a number of other public service positions.

Meeting adjourned, next meeting August 11 NO SCHEDULED JULY MEETING