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HRA Meeting Minutes April 14, 2014

posted Apr 25, 2014, 2:51 PM by Rob King

HRA Meeting Minutes APRIL 14, 2014 Rob King

Attending Officers: Michael Keddie, Tara Protiva-Brown, WC Hitt, Paul Bowen, John Coulter, Cliff Anderson, Eric McDaniel, Jason Campbell, Andrew Landrum, Rob King

The meeting was called to order and the minutes of the last meeting were approved unanimously.

Paul reported that he has begun doing some part-time teaching at Mount St. Mary's and would recuse himself in discussions that involved Mount St. Mary's.

Lyndsey Lewis Pardue appeared before the board and presented a layout for proposed rezoning of lot 16, block 14 Pfeifer addition that fronts "A" Street. The proposal is to divide the lot now zoned R-3 into two 3300 sq. ft. lots zoned PD-R to accommodate two "small houses" (300-400 sq. ft. each). The board discussed some possible effects of the small lots on the overall Hillcrest neighborhood. In order to establish the small lot size the zoning PD-R was used. The zoning requirements for PD-R are much less restrictive than R-3, Lyndsey said she was told that would be the only way to divide the R-3 lot. The Hillcrest neighborhood DOD regulations list R-2, R-3 and R-4 but do not envision PD-R. The layout that was presented is supposed to comply with the Hillcrest DOD. The board questioned whether future additions or modifications to the resulting PD-R lots would be subject to the DOD regulations and felt that we needed to clarify this zoning in order to review this issue. Paul will contact the Planning and Zoning office and ask for a clarification on how we can assure that the Hillcrest DOD will be effective for all residents and residential zones of Hillcrest and if this property will be in compliance after rezoning. Chuck moved to table this issue until we have an opinion from the city and Mike 2nd. Motion passed with Andy voting Nay.

Mike Keddie reported that now we will need to get a permit to plant trees. The permit will be good for 12 months so we will apply in advance of the next planned planting.

Mike discussed a broken Hillcrest sign at Stiff Station. He and Jim Metzger will investigate options to deal with sign loss.

Jason reported that there is $16,564 in the account as of March 31, 2014. Memberships have increased since the last postcard mailing. Jason asked that if an appropriation is approved by the board in his absence that an email is sent to him so that he can anticipate requests for reimbursement.

Paul and Kathrine Kuo will be planning the next newsletter. Kara said that she had talked to Kathrine about featuring interesting individual Hillcrest residents in the newsletter. The board agreed with that idea and Kara will work with Kathrine on this idea.

Paul asked that Mike prepare an update on the Promenade and Allsopp Park clean up for the newsletter.

Tara distributed a handout that requests support for a landscaping project at PHMS. Chuck moved that we support this project with $100 for a brick with "Hillcrest Residents Association" imprinted on it. Jason 2nd. Voice vote passed.

Chuck reported for the Crime Committee and said that he had recently seen some people using the Yahoo list serve to report suspicious activity in the neighborhood. The board then discussed the recent removal of homeless camps in Knoop Park. The discussion considered whether walking trails below the paved trail would provide opportunities for walkers and at the same time discourage encampments. There have also been camps near the Easter Seals Building. Any plan to improve security in Knoop Park should also include the Easter Seals site that is in the process of being approved for demolition. It was concluded that more information on possible trails will be needed before we can have a meaningful discussion of this topic.

Rob reported that the Streets & Sidewalks committee had been eliminated from the HRA website after some discussion by board members. The board interface with the city on these issues is not as necessary now as it used to be. Anyone can call 3-1-1 and report many different kinds of problems including potholes or sidewalk issues directly to the city. A new online application 3-1-1 Online can be used to report issues using a computer. Chuck suggested that a link to this site be added to HRA website. Rob said that he would add a link to the site.

Jason passed around a brochure announcing a pottery show by Hillcrest resident Gayle Batson to be held April 25 - May 5 at Claytime, 417 Main St., and NLR.

Chuck said that he had very much enjoyed the current exhibit at the Arkansas Arts Center "The Crossroads of Memory: Carroll Cloar and the American South" recommended it to the other members of the board.

Meeting Adjourned