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HRA MINUTES Jan 13 2014

posted Jan 17, 2014, 3:33 PM by Rob King

HRA MINUTES Jan 13 2014 by Karen Konarski-Hart

ATTENDING:   Karen Konarski-Hart, Rob King, Michael Keddie, Paul Bowen, Leslie Purdy-Hoyt, Chuck Hitt, Tara Protiva-Brown, Stephen Fussell, Andrew Landrum

Minutes approved unanimously   Rob moved, Tara seconded


LT David Hudson of the LRPD was a guest discussing crime in HC.  He is in charge of the “downtown area” which encompasses University east to the city limit and Roosevelt/Asher north to the AR River.  The Hts and HC are in area 50 and are included in a single patrol.  Increase in patrol occurs if there are changes in crime or at random. 

He rec a neighborhood “phone tree” for reporting of suspicious activity or crimes.

If non-emergency activity is noted call    371-4829    or    371-4830  to report.

He also rec burglar alarms, security bolts/locks, cameras and esp locking your vehicle and not leaving ANYTHING of any value in sight inside.  (laptops, purses, spare change, phones).  Residential breakins are usually during the day in HC.  He rec notifying the police if you will be gone on vacation and having someone deal with mail and paper.

Officer Michelle Hill is available to come and assess your home or business for crime deterrence.  Her daytime number is   918-3502

Also discussed were the activities in Knoop Park (homeless camping and possible drug activity). 

The HRA Board decided to encourage residents to sign onto the yahoo listserv for the HRA and ask for postings to be forwarded to your preferred email.

                   Go to    and sign on to yahoo listserv

Paul will also discuss this with the master of our website and Forbidden Hillcrest


Jim Metzger presented a plan for increasing tree planting esp in the business district of HC.   Funds have been offered for the sidewalk cuts.  HMA is donating up to $500 for trees.  HRA is asked to match.

Chuck moved, Stephen seconded the match up to $500.  Unanimous yes

.A target tree planting is the morning of Sat March 8.  Contact Jim Metzger to volunteer