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Meeting with City Manager Bruce Moore

posted Mar 23, 2014, 7:52 AM by Rob King

As many of you know, the Hillcrest Residents Association in partnership with the Hillcrest Merchants Association have planted trees along the sidewalks on Kavanaugh in the past year or so.  We were in the process of finishing up the project a couple of weeks ago when we were advised by gentleman that owns the old garage building by Delta Trust that he didn't want trees planted in front of his building.  

Here is the issue in a nutshell: It is the gentleman's position that we have no right to plant trees in front of his building without his permission.  It is the position of HRA that it has the right to plant trees on the sidewalk as it is a public easement.  

In any event, both sides will be meeting with City Manager Bruce Moore at City Hall at 4:00 pm on March 31st. I will post the outcome of the meeting here soon thereafter.