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Two Purse Snatchers Arrested in NLR

posted Sep 2, 2014, 8:58 AM by Rob King


               There is some new information on the people I told you about earlier, the Florida Felony Lane Gang. They are definitely in the Central Arkansas area, as two of them were arrested by NLRPD yesterday (9-1-14).

               Based on their previous actions, the remaining members are probably trying to raise money to make bail for the arrested members. This means you all need to be careful with your purses.

               This group specializes in traveling across the country stealing women’s purses to use their identification to pass fraudulent checks. They like to find purses visible in parked cars, then they break in get the purses and leave. Using the ID and supporting documents generally found in a purse, they make one of their members resemble the victim, then have her pass checks at local banks using drive-thru lanes.

               They frequent parks (Big Dam Bridge, Two Rivers, etc.), gym’s and grocery stores to pick their victims. If they see a woman stuff her purse under a seat or just leave it in the passenger compartment, they will wait till she’s out of sight, then get into the car, take the purse and leave. Unlike most B&E criminal’s, they will break glass as they depart the area immediately. They almost always work in daylight. They focus on checking accounts.

               So, lock your purse in the trunk, or take it with you. If your purse is stolen, make two calls right away, the first to the police, the second to alert your bank, after that call your credit card companies.




               Lt. Scott Timmons

               LRPD NorthWest Division