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Walter Malone to speak at May 14, 2012 HRA board meeting

posted May 8, 2012, 11:22 AM by Unknown user
City of Little Rock Planning Director Walter Malone will speak at HRA's May 14, 2012 board meeting concerning the proposed rezoning of several single family Hillcrest properties currently zoned as "R-5."  Although the properties at issue all contain single family housing, their R-5 zoning could allow them to be replaced with multifamily housing (up to 36 units per acre) in the future.  

Any rezoning would be voluntary, and affected landowners would be notified.  The affected properties are indicated here in orange.  Please note, however, that not all orange properties would be rezoned; the voluntary rezoning only applies to those properties that do not currently require R-5 zoning (i.e., properties that currently hold single family housing).  New zoning would be consistent with the existing single family use of these properties.  An explanation of Little Rock's various zoning designations is located here.  

If you have questions about this issue, please make plans to attend the May 14 meeting.